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Michael McCarthy- Managing Director

I was born on May 5th and raised in Indianapolis, Indiana, by my father Francis McCarthy and my mother Barbara McCarthy. They did a wonderful job in raising me!


I attended Catholic School for 16 years and earned a soccer scholarship to play at Saint Joseph's College. I was involved in football, baseball, basketball, soccer, wrestling, track, and swimming. My mom and dad never missed a game!


I come from the brand side of business. I worked with Xerox coming right out of college and helped grow the Xerox personal copier and plain paper fax machine brand. Then I moved to Best Buy, when they had just 82 stores and were number 2 to Circuit City; after I left almost five years later they had over 600 stores and were number one. I then moved on to Cellular One to build branding for the new cellular phone market in the Midwest and Florida.


In 2004, we started DreamTeamGroup. It has since grown from just one brand to now over 30 brands in just a few short years, but I did not do it alone; as I assembled our "DreamTeam," a talented group of fine, talented, smart men and women. This collection of young and old talent has assisted in re-shaping the Small-Cap landscape and is now a driving force for the future of this diverse space.